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Dublin Buses

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In a tour of the fascinating and colourful city, Richard Walter describes the transformation of Dublin Buses with previously unpublished images.

Blasket Islandman

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Tells, for the first time, the full story of Tomas's life, with its many triumphs and travails. Also describes the forces that influenced his work and details his impressive legacy. More than eighty years after his passing, he remains the famed `Blasket Islandman' and, to paraphrase the man himself, the like of him will never be again.

Dublin: The Making of a Capital City

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Dublin has many histories: for a thousand years a modest urban settlement on the quiet waters of the Irish Sea, for the last four hundred it has experienced great - and often astonishing - change.
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South Dublin in Old Photographs: From the Liffey to Greystones

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In this book, the author captures the history of South Dublin featuring images from Dalkey, Dun Laoghaire, Bray and down the south coast. From the Liffey to Greystones, this book covers some of South Dublin's best-known areas, providing a wealth of information in a visually striking and important history.

Men on Trial: Performing Emotion, Embodiment and Identity in Ireland, 1800-45

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Men on Trial provides the first history of masculinity and the law in early nineteenth-century Ireland. It combines cutting-edge theories from the history of emotion, performativity and gender studies to argue for gender as a creative and productive force in determining legal and social power relationships. -- .

Beyond The Border

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An important, enlightening, celebratory book about being who you are, not who you are expected to be and why that is key to maintaining your own identity.
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Tales from Bective Bridge

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A collection of ten stories that depict the rural mid-lands of Ireland and their people. Winner of the James Tait Black Memorial Prize, it deals with the meaning of small things, contrary behaviours and emotions.

The Dregs of the Day

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A riveting English translation the Irish classic tale of heartache, death, and loneliness by the beloved author of The Dirty Dust

Nobber: 'A bloody and brilliant first novel'

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'A writer out to do whatever the hell he wants . . . a grisly, gross-out slice of medieval life and death, it's vigorously, writhingly itself, spilling out of any box you put it in' Observer