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The Scorching Wind

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The third book in the acclaimed Irish trilogy

Langrishe Go Down

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Set against the backdrop of 1930s Europe, Higgin's classic novel depicts the demise of the old order of power in Ireland.

Around The Farm Gate

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A treasure trove of Irish stories written by ordinary people who lived through and grew up in the rural Ireland of the fifties, sixties, seventies and later.

Inside Accounts, Volume II: The Irish Government and Peace in Northern Ireland, from the Good Friday Agreement to the Fall of Power-Sharing

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Focusing on the peace process, these two volumes includes seventeen interviews from high-ranking civil servants and political leaders in the Irish Government and takes the reader inside the negotiating room to experience the efforts, tensions and actions that led to the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 -- .

It's the Little Things: Francis Brennan's Guide to Life

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With his signature charm and wit, Frances gives you his code for living. Full of fun, personal memories and historical details, Francis will motivate you to pay attention to the small things that make a big difference.


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Galway is the twenty-eight in the Irish Historic Towns Atlas Series, which assembles topographical documentations on the development of Irish towns and publishes them as individual fascicles. CD-ROM included.

Man on the Bridge: The Photos of Arthur Fields

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Arthur Fields, Dublin-born of Ukrainian emigrants fleeing anti-semitism, was a street photographer who stood on O'Connell Bridge for fifty years taking photos. Unknowingly, he became the unofficial family photographer of a city. A unique crowd-sourced publication, the culmination of the Man on Bridge project, a national photo collection campaign.

Boulevard Wren and Other Stories

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Boulevard Wren and Other Stories is the stunning follow-up to the bestselling Gospel According to Blindboy, and a warped mirror held up to the Irish psyche.

Mrs Cowan's Boy

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When Rory Cowan stepped down from the role of Rory in Mrs Brown’s Boys after 15 years, it made national headlines. Here, in his unique voice, the much-loved entertainer tells his story...

The Golden Book of Ireland

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A county by county tour of Ireland, visiting all the major tourist attractions. Over 200 stunning original photographs of Ireland, North and South.