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Up Like A Bird

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Valley of the Squinting Windows

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Vanishing Ireland

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A valuable chronicle of a rapidly disappearing world.

Vanishing Ireland: Recollections of Our Changing Times

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The third instalment in the hugely successful, bestselling Vanishing Ireland series - another invaluable chronicle of a disappearing Ireland

Vet Among the Pigeons

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Continues the story of veterinary surgeon Gillian Hick's escapades among the animal population. She continues her stories about the ever-varied, often-harried, amusing but always interesting life of a general-practice vet.

Vet On A Mission

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Vet on a Mission tells the story of a wife and mother of three who sets up her own small animal veterinary practice - the tears, the laughter and the whirlwind of chaos that follows!

Vet on the Loose

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Whether castrating horses or tending to stoned Alsatians, Gillian Hick's sense of humour never deserts her in this engaging account of her life as a vet.

Vicereines of Ireland: Portraits of Forgotten Women

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Victim in the Irish Criminal Proces

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Discussing the historical and theoretical concern for crime victims in the criminal justice system, this book examines the variety of forms of legal and service provision inclusion, and concludes by analysing the various needs of victims which continue to be unmet.