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Modern Times

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Goodnight Sisters

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Girl in the Tunnel The

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Atlantic Light West Coast Of Ireland In Photographs

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The Law and Practice of the Ireland-Northern Ireland Protocol

This edited collection provides expert commentary in each of the areas of legal practice that the complex Ireland-Northern Ireland Protocol affects. It provides comprehensive examination of the legal meaning and interpretation of the Protocol, offering insights from international law, European Union Law, domestic constitutional and public law.

The Missing Postman: What Really Happened to Larry Griffin?

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Fachtna O Drisceoil weaves the pieces of this mystery together, using new evidence which paints a sordid portrait of lies, half-truths, conspiracy, intimidation and Garda brutality in the 1920s.

Michael Collins and the Women Who Spied for Ireland

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Michael Collins has exercised a fascination since his death in 1922 at the age of thirty-one. This book concentrates on the crucial role played by women in his personal and working life. From his boyhood in an overwhelmingly female household in West Cork onwards, women brought out the best in him and he brought out the best in women.

Dead Interesting: Stories from the Graveyards of Dublin

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Dead Interesting recounts the stories of famous, infamous, and just plain interesting Irish people interred in Glasnevin and other Dublin cemeteries.