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Without a Word

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An emotional psychological drama from the author of the critically acclaimed novel What She Never Told Me

Witness to War Crimes

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Woman in the Making: Panti's Memoir

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'Brilliantly told ... The extraordinary story of a boy, a drag queen, and a nation' Graham Norton

Women And The Country House In Ireland

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Women of the Irish Revolution 1913-1923: A Photographic History

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Tells the story in pictures of the role played by women in Ireland's revolution

Wooden Hill

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A debut collection of short stories by Jamie Guiney

Worlds Apart: An Alternative Journe

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years of tubulance

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Years of Turbulence showcases many new perspectives on the Irish revolutionary period of 1912-23. This fascinating collection not only focus on new angles, but also revisit traditional assumptions, and elaborate on some of the central debates on the revolutionary period. Many muted voices of the revolution are given a platform for the first time.

Yesterday's Weather: Includes Taking Pictures and Other Stories

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Presents a series of stories about women stirred, bothered, or fascinated by men they cannot understand, or understand too well. This book features characters that are haunted by the ghosts of the lives they might have led - lit by new flames, old flames, and flames that are guttering out.