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Tomas O Canainn

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Ton of Malice

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Tony Ryan: Ireland's Aviator

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In this authorised biography of one of the most remarkable Irishmen of the twentieth century, Richard Aldous is independent in his judgements and frank in his examination of his subject's shortcomings and eccentricities. But most of all, he writes with verve and pace.

Torn Apart: Fifty Years of the Troubles, 1969-2019

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A vital examination of Northern Ireland fifty years since the start of the Troubles, focusing on the events of 1969

Tornadoes and Waterspouts in Ireland: Ancient and modern

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People living in Ireland do not expect to encounter a tornado. But, why not? They have been part of the Irish climate and have tracked across the land for hundreds of years. Indeed, during the last three decades they have visited every county in Ireland.

Towards Commemoration: Ireland in War and Revolution 1912-1923

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This book arrives on foot of a decade of commemorations. Contemporary Ireland was founded during the fractious years of 1912-1923. This volume features essays by leading historians, journalists, civic activists and folklorists. The outstanding body of scholarship offers a complexity of new views in the debate how to commemorate a divided past.

Towards Ireland Free

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Town and Country: New Irish Short Stories

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Edited by award winning novelist and short story writer, this volume seeks to offer fresh renditions to the Irish story - angles, approaches, and modes of attack.

Towns on the Wild Atlantic Way: From Donegal to Cork

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Tracing the Cultural Legacy of Irish Catholicism

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This book of essays will appeal to anyone interested in the dismantling of Ireland's cultural attachment to Catholicism over the past four decades. -- .