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The Third Daughter: A Retrospective

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A remarkable memoir by a woman who helped give shape to contemporary Ireland, formulate tourism policy, and who bore significant witness to the artistic Baggotonian Dublin of the 1960s and beyond.

The Transatlantic Book Club

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A new book club forges links between Finfarran and a small American town - but also puts longstanding relationship in jeopardy when buried secrets begin to surface...
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The Transatlantic Book Club: A feel-good Finfarran novel

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A new book club forges links between Finfarran and a small American town - but when long-buried secrets come to the surface, will relationships between Finfarran's residents be put in jeopardy?
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The Truth Commissioner

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Four men. One dangerous secret.

The Ultras

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Taking his cue from the true-life story of Special Forces Operative Captain Robert Nairac, Eoin McNamee has in The Ultras weaved a compelling fictional narrative through the backwaters of history.

The Ulysses Guide

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The Uncensored Picture of Dorian Gray: A Reader's Edition

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Over 120 years after Oscar Wilde submitted The Picture of Dorian Gray for publication, the uncensored version of his novel appears here for the first time in a paperback edition. This volume restores material, including instances of graphic homosexual content, removed by the novel's first editor, who feared it would be "offensive" to Victorians.

The Unforeseen

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The classic ghost-story, a follow up to Dorothy Macardle's The Uninvited.

The Vatican Pimpernel: The Wartime Exploits of Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty

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Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty was an Irish Oskar Schindler who saved over 6,500 lives during the German occupation of Rome in the Second World War. He was immortalised in the film The Scarlet and the Black with Gregory Peck as O'Flaherty and was awarded high honours.