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Tartan Gangs and Paramilitaries

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In the violent maelstrom of early 1970s Belfast many young members of the loyalist youth gangs known as 'Tartans' joined the fledgling paramilitary groups - this is an in-depth account of that dramatic convergence.


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Tea and Talk

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Tea and talk: the perfect way to resolve any challenge you face in life: and in the hands of a consummate storyteller, you might need a second cup! Relax with Alice, sit and chat over a cup of tea, as she invites you into her life, and the life of the village that surrounds her.

Teacher Man

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A third memoir from the author of the huge international bestsellers Angela's Ashes and 'Tis. In Teacher Man, Frank McCourt details his illustrious, amusing, and sometimes rather bumpy long years as an English teacher in the public high schools of New York City...

Teacs agus Comhtheacs

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Tell Me The Truth About Loss

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Eva Tyne, an Irish violinist living and working in New York, collapses after her solo debut and is rushed to hospital. Still dazed after the incident, she finds herself embarked on a chaotic and dangerous odyssey. Haunted by the ghost of her father, and racked with jealousy, Eva soon finds herself playing a desperate psychological game.

Terenure in Old Photographs

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This book is a follow on from the titles in this series including "Rathmines," " Harold's Cross," and "Mount Merrion." The author has sourced excellent images, with access to local library and school archives, to produce a complete history and visual record of the past of Terenure.

Terry Brankin Has a Gun

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