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Le Livre D'or - Irlande: The Golden Book of Ireland, French Edition

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A county by county tour of Ireland, visiting all the major tourist attractions. In French.

Leap of Faith

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In Spring 2006 David Latimer's church, First Derry Presbyterian, was paint bombed yet again. This time he decided to go public. Live on Radio Foyle he appealed directly to Martin McGuinness. Little did David expect that Martin would be at the church within hours, and that this first meeting would mark the beginning of a remarkable friendship.

Learning Rainforest

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The Learning Rainforest is renowned educator Tom Sherrington's attempt to capture various different elements of our understanding and experience of teaching. It is a celebration of great teaching - the joy of it and the intellectual and personal rewards that teaching brings.


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Legacy of Armstrong House

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Legacy of Armstrong House

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Legendary Ireland

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This beautiful book visits twenty-eight richly atmospheric sites and tells the mythological stories associated with them. Illustrated with evocative photographs and older etchings and prints, it draws the reader back into history and myth.

Leprechauns: and Other Irish Fairies

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Leprechauns: und anderen irischen Elfen

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Letters of the Catholic Poor: Poverty in Independent Ireland, 1920-1940

An innovative history of poverty in Independent Ireland, essential to those interested in Irish social history. By examining a rich cache of letters written to the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin, this book explores the role of individual agency, gender, religion and priests in Roman Catholic charity in Ireland between 1920 and 1940.