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Sacred Trees of Ireland: 2016

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From ancient times, people appreciated the spiritual value of trees, singling out individual trees for special veneration. In words and images, this is a rich compendium about our relationship with trees, collating so many tree-related remnants of our pagan spiritual past and tree-related oral history into one place.

Saints, Scholars, and Schizophrenics

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This study was first published in 1983. It traces the social disintegration of "Ballybran", a small village on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland, exploring the symptoms of the communities decline: from emigration to schizophrenia. This edition contains a new preface and epilogue.

Samuel Beckett Trilogy: Molloy, Malone Dies and the Unnamable

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Samuel Beckett is the greatest Irish novelist of the later twentieth century, and this trilogy of novels is his masterpiece -which makes it perhaps the outstanding literary work of our time. This book deals with his life and work.

Say Nothing: A true Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland

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One evening in December 1972, Jean McConville, a widowed mother of ten, was abducted from her home in Belfast and never seen alive again. Her disappearance would haunt her orphaned children, the perpetrators of this terrible crime, and a whole society in Northern Ireland for decades.

Seamus Mallon: A Shared Home Place

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Seamus Mallon, Deputy Leader of the SDLP from 1979 to 2001, recounts his happy upbringing in south Armagh as a Catholic in a 90 per cent Protestant village; his turbulent years as a constitutional politician; and his central role in the peace process.

Sean MacDiarmada: 16Lives

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An accessible biography about Sean MacDiarmada, a leader in the 1916 Rising. Book six in the '16 Lives' series.


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Re-evaluates the events and personalities of the War of Independence in Tipperary. This book looks back on Ireland's struggle for freedom. It is a journey into a turbulent period in Ireland's past - the past of charismatic guerrilla leader Sean Treacy, Tipperary's Flying Columns and the horrors of Croke Park's 'Bloody Sunday'.

Secret Diary of A Dublin Call Girl

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Secret Guests

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Secret Life of Oscar Wilde

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Dazzlingly written, The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde meticulously and brilliantly reconstructs Oscar Wilde's emotional and sexual life, painting an astonishingly frank and vivid portrait of a troubled genius who chose to martyr himself for the cause of love between men.