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Irish Myths and Legends: Gods and Fighting Men

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Beautifully designed new hardback edition of Lady Gregory’s definitive collection of Irish myths and Legends, from the Tuatha De Danaan to the Fianna.

50 Best Irish Walks

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John G. O’Dwyer’s Irish walks have become famous through his column in The Irish Times. Now his 50 favourite rambles are gathered here in one pocket-sized volume

Irish Folk and Fairy Tales

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A collection of retellings of the traditional stories of Ireland.

Climb with Charlie

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In 2021, veteran Irish journalist Charlie Bird announced that he has motor neurone disease. He decided to organise a charity climb of Ireland’s famous Holy Mountain, Croagh Patrick. In the end, he created a national event and raised almost €3 million for charity. This is a record of that unforgettable day.

Thirty-Two Words for Field

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A lyrical reminder of Ireland's lost words that offer a different way of seeing the world.

Teach Your Dog Irish

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A light-hearted, fully-illustrated retro-style picture book with 50+ words and phrases you can use to practise your Irish with your furry best friend. -- Y Lolfa

101 Reasons Why Cork is Better Than Dublin

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This book takes a 21st century look at the two places, asking who's got the better statues, food, airport, characters, pubs, views and more, answering Cork every time.

The Presidents' Letters: An Unexpected History of the Irish State

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With over 400 letters, memos, cards, telegrams, drawings, notes and photographs, The Presidents’ Letters reveals a personal and unexpected story of Ireland since the inauguration of our first president, Douglas Hyde.

The Anthology of Irish Folk Tales

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The best tales from around the country, chosen from our popular series of Folk Tales

Real Ireland calender of ireland 2016

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