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Old Ireland in Colour

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Old Ireland in Colour celebrates the rich history of Ireland and the Irish through the colour restoration of stunning images of all walks of Irish life.

An Irish Nature Year

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Call it a daily meditation on the world around us for nature-lovers and nature newbies alike, An Irish Nature Year gleefully explores the small mysteries of the seasons as they unfold - Who's cutting perfect circles in your roses? Which birds wear feathery trousers? And what, exactly, is an amethyst deceiver?
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Why the Moon Travels

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A Dictionary of Hiberno English

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A unique and scholarly reference book on Hiberno-English - the form of English commonly spoken in Ireland, with a new introduction by Blindboy Boatclub.

101Reasons Why Ireland is BetterEngland

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Wandering Wicklow with Father Browne: 2020

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Ireland's finest photographer in the 20th century, Fr Frank Browne repeatedly visited County Wicklow across almost half a century. Over that time, he had the opportunity to capture images of this part of the country as it underwent change and yet, somehow, retained its essential character.

Bee's Knees

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Why are bees so important? A complete guide to bees in Ireland and what WE can do to save one of the most important species in our environment.

Making Ryan's Daughter : The Myths, Madness and Mastery

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The Remarkable Story of the Making of a Classic.

Mythical Irish Wonders

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This book documents the best cycling that Ireland has to offer. With eighty routes spread across the entire island, there is something for everyone; from gentle, traffic-free cycles, ideal for the whole family, to long challenging routes packed with relentless climbs.