Irish Interest - Childrens

123 Ireland!

Hardback, 16/05/2019, €10.80
A Dubray Favourite for May. A light-hearted, funny and brilliantly illustrated counting boardbook which introduces all things Irish to baby readers - or at least the first ten things.

Be an Irish Explorer

Paperback, 29/03/2019, €10.00
This boredom-busting activity pad that will keep children entertained for hours is the ideal travel companion for young art lovers. Each page explores a different location, from Newgrange to Bunratty, the Giant's Causeway to the Cliffs of Moher.

Spuds and the Crock of Gold

Paperback, 01/02/2019, €9.00
This is the second book in the popular series about Spuds the leprechaun. Spuds and the Spider was the first.

Favourite Irish Legends for Children

Hardback, 10/09/2010, €11.00
A bumper collection of Ireland's favourite legends for children.

Pocket Irish Legends: 28 Classics to Delight and Entertain

Hardback, 07/03/2014, €6.00
Best-loved Irish legends for children.

Irish Legends for Children

Hardback, 01/03/1997, €5.00
This is an illustrated miniature collection of traditional Irish legends for children.

My Little Album of Dublin

Hardback, 20/05/2019, €13.00
My Little Album of Dublin takes the youngest of readers on a fun filled tour of the Fairy City. Along the way, they will build up their vocabulary in English and Irish.

Irish Fairy Tales

Paperback, 05/05/2001, €4.00
The Celtic roots of Irish folklore are enriched with Nordic legend and colour. Here gathered in this collection are tales of giants and warriors, of old hags and fair maidens, and of the boyhood of the great hero Fionn Mac Uail (Finn MacCool).

Sleeping Giant

Paperback, 08/04/2019, €10.00
Off the coast of Ireland there lies an island. It looks just like a giant sleeping in the sea. But what if it really is a giant - and what if, one day, the sleeping giant wakes up?