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Enda the Road: Nine Days that Toppled a Taoiseach

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Compiled through exhaustive research and interviews with dozens of key figures and witnesses, Enda the Road is the ultimate account of a nine-day political hurricane whirlwind that brought down a Taoiseach.


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Fat Freddie

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Gangland!: The Shocking Expose of the Criminal Underworld

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Number 1 Bestseller Gangland! investigates who is pulling the strings behind the scenes - the families that form the Irish mafia - and examines the way in which their net has spread across Ireland and beyond.

Great Hatred, Little Room: Making Peace in Northern Ireland

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Making peace in Northern Ireland was the greatest success of the Blair government, and one of the greatest achievements in British politics since the Second World War. This book demonstrates how the events in Northern Ireland have valuable lessons for those seeking to end conflict in other parts of the world.

Gypsy Empire

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Irish Travellers have never enjoyed a higher profile, at home and abroad, for good reasons and bad. This book delves into the heart of Traveller life, focusing on three aspects that have coloured perceptions of Travellers among the wider community: family feuds, bare-knuckle fights and trading.

Heroic Failure

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A book about the delusions of Brexit, the threat it poses to economic prosperity, peace in Ireland and the tradition of British democracy.

Inside the Den: Dragon Gavin Duffy

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Inside the Dragon's Den is a frank, no-holds-barred account of a make-or-break opportunity, the background, the disagreements, the splits, the adrenalin, the successes and the failures. It makes compulsive reading.

Isis: The State of Terror

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The first major book on ISIS to be published since the group exploded on the international stage in summer 2014.
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Irish travellers live in a closed community. What we think we know about them is based on hearsay, rumour and stereotype. But not any more.