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How to Solve Cryptic Crosswords

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Shows in easy steps how to solve those trickier puzzles. This title helps you learn to spot: double straight clues; double meaning clues; word exchange clues; homophone clues; anagrams; and all the other clever clues beloved of crossword compilers. The explanations show how the answers are arrived at, so you can see precisely how each clue works.

How to Teach Grammar

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How to Teach Grammar is a practical guide to teaching grammar, with a task file designed to make grammar less mysterious and more understandable.


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A clear introduction to the world of knots, from the practical to the decorative. Illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to master over 50 knots.

Lend Me Your Ears

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Using extensive research based on empirical evidence, this title provides the reader with practical and simple guidelines, exercises and tips to improve performance, including: advice on the use of classical rhetoric; how to write a speech when in a rush; the myths surrounding visual aids; the use of body language; and more.

Lessons of a Turtle: (The Little Book of Life)

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Illustrated gift book that celebrates the wisdom of the turtle: Go with the slow!

Minimal: How to simplify your life and live sustainably

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This includes how to declutter your life, reduce your waste and consumption, recipes for eating seasonally and making your own natural beauty and cleaning products. Learn how to minimise the areas that aren't giving you anything back and discover a happier and more fulfilled life, while looking after the Earth we share.

Penguin Book of Card Games

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Features various games, from Bridge to Newmarket to Whist and Pontoon. This book takes us through several games to choose from. It also covers games played with other types of cards. It offers a 'working description' of each game, with the rules, and variations and origins of each. It includes an appendix of games. It is suitable for novices.

Penguin Writer's Manual

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With usage notes including details of common pitfalls and how to avoid them, the author presents the reader with advice on how to write essays, letters, speeches and CVs. This book is a complete guide to every aspect of the art of writing.

Perfect Wedding Speeches and Toasts

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Providing advice on mastering your nerves and tips about how to make an impact, this book walks you through various aspects of preparing for the big day and speaking in public.