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Underground, Overground: A Passenger's History of the Tube

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Why is the Victoria Line so hot? What is an Electrical Multiple Unit? Is it really possible to ride from King's Cross to King's Cross on the Circle line? This book offers an informative history of everything you need to know about the Tube.

Understanding Hieroglyphs

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Learn how to unlock the secrets of an ancient civilization with the help of this book. Featuring hundreds of the most commonly used hieroglyphs, arranged in easy-to-use tables, with translations, plus examples from monuments, documents and museum exhibitions.

Understanding Illuminated Manscripts, 2nd edition (Looking at Series) - A Guide to Technical Terms

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A standard reference in the field of manuscript studies for over twenty years, now revised and updated with full-colour illustrations throughout.

Understanding Russia

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This timely book provides a comprehensive overview of the geographical, historical, political, cultural, and geostrategic factors that drive Russia today. Explaining Russia's perspective, it offers a much-needed analysis that will help readers understand how the country deals with its domestic issues and how these influence Russian foreign policy.

Unearthing Childhood: Young Lives in Prehistory

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Prehistoric children can be seen in footprints and finger daubs, in images painted on rocks and pots, in the signs of play and the evidence of first attempts to learn practical crafts. Readers in archeology and those with interests in childhood will gain new perspectives from this survey of the deep past. -- .

Unfinished Business

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This book, which accompanies a bold and forward-facing British Library exhibition, presents the history of women's rights in sixteen diverse and timely essays.

Unfinished Empire: The Global Expansion of Britain

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Offers a both controversial and comprehensive historical analysis of how the British Empire worked. This book shows how diverse, contradictory and in many ways chaotic the British Empire really was, controlled by interests that were often at loggerheads, and as much driven on by others' weaknesses as by its own strength.

Unfortunate Colonel Despard

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The remarkable life of Colonel Edward Despard, comrade-in-arms of Nelson and a man who championed the rights of freed slaves, but who was executed in Britain for high treason in 1803.

Unfree French

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In the summer of 1940, the French army was one of the largest and best in the world, confident of victory. In the space of a few nightmarish weeks all that changed as the French and their British allies were crushed and eight million people fled their homes. This book describes the consequences of that defeat.

Universe, The Gods And Mortals

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