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French Children Don't Throw Food

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Who hasn't noticed how well-behaved French children are, compared to our own? How come French babies sleep through the night? Why do French children happily eat what is put in front of them? How can French mothers chat to their friends while their children play quietly? This book deals with these questions.

Men's Health: All you need to know

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Aimed at men who, with work, relationships and other interests, may not put their health at the top of their list of priorities. And that's pretty much all of us.

Core Concepts of Occupational Therapy

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Based on the work of the terminology project group of the European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education (ENOTHE), this book selects and defines the core building blocks of occupational therapy theory. Consensus definitions of a wide range of terms are developed through an analysis of published definitions from around the world.

Making Babies: Stumbling into Motherhood

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Presents a funny record of the journey from early pregnancy to age two. Written in dispatches, typed with a sleeping baby in the room, the author has the rush of good news - full of the mess, the glory, and the raw shock of it all. She also bears a visceral and dreamlike witness to the first years of parenthood.

The Growing Up Book for Boys: What Boys on the Autism Spectrum Need to Know!

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This growing up guide for boys is full of facts, tips and colour illustrations explaining puberty, body image, hygiene, friendship, crushes and more! Written in literal language and addressing sensory issues, safety, and social skills throughout, it offers an ideal introduction to the teenage years for boys with autism aged 9 to 14.