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Scaffold Parenting: Raising Resilient, Self-Reliant and Secure Kids in an Age of Anxiety

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Renowned psychiatrist Dr Koplewicz expertly guides parents through the strategies they need to raise empowered, capable children while building parent-child bonds that will survive adolescence and grow stronger into adulthood.

The Birth Debrief: Reflecting on pregnancy, Reframing birth, Redefining post-partum

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Reflecting on pregnancy, reframing birth, redefining post-partum with the midwife and hypnobirthing teacher Illiyin Morrison, aka Mixing.Up.Motherhood on instagram

Music is the Key

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Baby Names: Over 8,000 of This Year's Favourite Names: 2014

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The only annually updated UK baby names book, including the year's most popular names, celebrity choices and names making a comeback. Providing prospective parents with advice and tips on how to choose that all important baby name, as well as over 7,000 baby names for inspiration, including ideas for celebrity babies and the Royal baby.

Where Do Daddies Come From?: A Pregnancy Guide for Men

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Man's Guide to Having a Baby: Everything a New Dad Needs to Know to Care for a Newborn

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Practical advice helping new dads prepare for the biggest event of their lives.

My Wild and Sleepless Nights: THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER

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I want to give this triumphant book to every mother I know' - Rachel Joyce 'Stroud is always willing to rip open her very soul in order to reveal the truth about her life - and every time a woman tells the truth like this, it sets another woman free' - Elizabeth Gilbert 'I read in one greedy gulp and am still slightly reeling.

Let's Talk About It

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Confidence Cards for Kids: 52 Empowering Cards to Supercharge Your Child s Self-Belief

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Every child should know just how awesome they are This deck of 52 cards is a powerful and positive tool to help your child's confidence bloom. With kind statements and mood-boosting mantras that can be displayed anywhere, this collection of bright and inspiring pick-me-ups will empower your child to feel ready for anything!

Why Breech Birth Matters

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