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Parenting Made Simple

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In this practical guide, parents will learn the do's and don'ts of managing their child's behavior, and discover effective solutions for raising well-adjusted children.

parenting right from the start

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Parenting: Raising Your Child in Ireland Today

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parents guide to coping with autism

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When Sarah Ziegel's twin boys were diagnosed with autism, aged almost three, she realized there was very little practical information about what to do. This book is the result of Sarah's experiences dealing with autism in the family. It also tackles practical matters, such as education and the EHCP process, and how to get help and support.

Planning A Baby?

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Talks about how to give your baby the best possible start in life. This work provides the research and gives advice on: contraceptive advances; lifestyle and factors that affect early pregnancy; conception itself; which vitamins and minerals are needed; advice for vegetarians; sperm health; and, an overview of the causes of miscarriage.

Play Therapy Today


Post-Natal Depletion Cure: A Complete Guide to Rebuilding Your Health and Reclaiming Your Energy for Mothers of Newborns, Toddlers, and Young Children

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Inspired by one of the most viewed GOOP articles ever, this groundbreaking book explores a never-before-named syndrome - 'postnatal depletion' - and offers an easy-to-follow programme for mothers to reclaim their health and energy after giving birth

Potty Training Boys

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Parents of boys will agree that getting sons to relinquish their nappies is often much harder than getting daughters to do the same. The author provides a step-by-step guide to redressing this balance and address various concerns that can particularly affect boys.

Potty Training In One Week

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Presenting the tips and tricks, this book aims to answer the questions that make potty training easy. It helps to learn: how to know when the child is really ready; how to make potty training fun; how to reward; how to deal with little accidents; why need a potty for upstairs and for downstairs; and how to help the child get over bed-wetting.