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Acid Watcher Diet

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Back on Track

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Transform your outlook and look forward to good food, rewarding workouts and benefitting from real rest time with this practical and achievable plan from one of Ireland's most successful athletes.

Beneath the Skin: Love Letters to the Body by Great Writers

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Clever Guts Recipe Book

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ÂÂ In this companion book to Dr Michael Mosley's bestselling Clever Guts Diet, Dr Clare Bailey, GP and wife of Dr Mosley, ÂÂ offers the definitive toolkit for bringing your gut back to optimum health.

Davina's Kitchen

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Delicious and healthy recipes for the whole family from Davina McCall, bestselling author of DAVINA'S 5 WEEKS TO SUGAR-FREE and DAVINA'S SMART CARBS.

Doctor's Kitchen - Eat to Beat Illness

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Following on from Dr Rupy's bestselling cook book The Doctor's Kitchen, Eat to Beat Illness distils actionable ideas for daily life to teach you how to use food to trigger and amplify your defences against illness. Accompanying the advice there are 80 new delicious recipes.

Dress Like a Parisian

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Discover how French women look so effortlessly good with this lively guide by a Parisian fashion insider.

Fast Exercise

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How just a few minutes of exercise a day can make you feel better and look great. Dr Michael Mosley and Peta Bee investigate the fascinating science behind a radical new approach to exercise, one that is incredibly time efficient.

FODMAP Friendly Kitchen

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FODMAP is the only diet recommended by the NHS to treat IBS and its associated symptoms. Emma Hatcher, creator of the blog She Can't Eat What?!, brings you 100 beautiful, healthy and delicious low FODMAP recipes.

Food is Better Medicine Than Drugs: Don't Go to Your Doctor Before Reading This Book

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Don't go to your doctor before reading this book!