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365 Student Cookbook

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Easy, tasty, healthy and economical recipes for every day of the year. Each dish can be made in just 30, 20 or 10 minutes making this the ultimate flexible cookbook for students.

5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food

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The book we've all been waiting for from Britain's most popular chef - quick and easy food in just 5 main ingredients.

72 Reasons to Be Vegan: Why Plant-Based. Why Now.

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From two bestselling authors and activists in the vegan community, a readable guide to the WHY of going vegan (rather than the how). Here are 72 fact-based, easy-to-read short essays for the vegan-curious address the reasons to go vegan.


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Anthony Bourdain is a life-long line cook and author of "Kitchen Confidential". Here, he sets off to eat his way around the world. He heads out to Saigon where he eats the still-beating heart of a live cobra, and travels deep into landmined Khmer Rouge territory to find the rumoured Wild West of Cambodia (Pailin).

Angela's Kitchen

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Drawing inspiration from her childhood experiences of accessible home cooking with her Italian grandmother, the author mixes Mediterranean influences with European to create delectable recipes that are straightforward, quick and easy to make.

Asian Green

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Delicious vegan dishes from the UK's best-loved Asian chef.
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Baby Friendly Family Cookbook

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In The Baby-Friendly Family Cookbook, Aileen Cox Blundell, mother of three and the creative force behind the popular Baby-Led Feeding blog, has created over 150 fuss-free recipes everyone in the family will love - from the smallest to the biggest and including weaning babies.


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Over 140 new, unmissable recipes from the creators of a plant-based revolution.

Clever Batch: Brilliant Batch Cooking Recipes to Save You Time, Money and Patience.

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Discover batch cooking and get your life back! Susan Jane White shares the secret to cutting your cooking time in half with her genius guide to batch cooking.

Cocktail Codex

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