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Where Chefs Eat

Availability: 10-12 Day Delivery
The all-new, completely revised third appearance of the global restaurant guidebook that has sold more than 200,000 copies

Where Cooking Begins

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Where the Wild Cooks Go

Availability: In Stock

Where to Drink Wine

Availability: 10-12 Day Delivery
A definitive, practical and colourful guide to some 400 of the world's best wineries

Where to Eat Pizza

Availability: 10-12 Day Delivery
Over 1,000 food experts and aficionados from around the world reveal their insider tips on finding a perfect slice of pizza

Whiskey Cocktails: 40 Recipes for Old Fashioneds, Sours, Manhattans, Juleps and More

Availability: 10-12 Day Delivery
Shake, stir and mix your way to whisky and bourbon connoisseur status with award-winning bartender Jesse Estes as he demonstrates how to tame these fiery spirits in 40 delicious cocktail recipes.

Whiskeys of Ireland The

Availability: In Stock
Everything you always wanted to know about Irish Whiskey, the lifeblood of the people! The history, the difference between single malts and blends, the art of distilling and blending, and the explosion of new distilleries - learn how to taste as well as drink the water of life!


Availability: Out of Stock
There are few spirits that command such dedication, interest and affection as whisky. The purpose of this book is to provide a pathway through the whisky maze, to demystify it and to provide a platform from which a lifetime's hobby can be launched.


Availability: 10-12 Day Delivery
This beautifully presented Little Book is an excellent introduction to the world of Scotch whiskies. It includes the major Scotch whiskies and the distilleries that produce them.