Divided: Why We're Living in an Age of Walls

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 272
Pub Date: 01/03/2018
ISBN: 9781783963744
Quick overview A Dubray Staff Recommended Read... We feel more divided than ever. This riveting popular analysis tells you why.
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The world is divided and these divisions show themselves not just in the physical construction of walls but in the barriers we build in our minds. In Divided, Tim Marshall employs his accessible style to continue the work he began in Prisoners of Geography, attempting to portray a succinct view of the world as we see it today and explain how we got here in the first place. As insightful as it is fascinating, this is an excellent read on an eye-opening topic.

Recommended by Emmet Driver, Dubray Blackrock

New from the No.1 Sunday Times bestselling author of Prisoners of Geography; We feel more divided than ever.; This riveting analysis tells you why.; Walls are going up. Nationalism and identity politics are on the rise once more. Thousands of miles of fences and barriers have been erected in the past ten years, and they are redefining our political landscape. ; There are many reasons why we erect walls, because we are divided in many ways: wealth, race, religion, politics. In Europe the ruptures of the past decade threaten not only European unity, but in some countries liberal democracy itself. In China, the Party's need to contain the divisions wrought by capitalism will define the nation's future. In the USA the rationale for the Mexican border wall taps into the fear that the USA will no longer be a white majority country in the course of this century.; Understanding what has divided us, past and present, is essential to understanding much of what's going on in the world today. Covering China; the USA; Israel and Palestine; the Middle East; the Indian Subcontinent; Africa; Europe and the UK, bestselling author Tim Marshall presents a gripping and unflinching analysis of the fault lines that will shape our world for years to come.

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