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Blood to Poison

Availability: Not Yet Available
Blood to Poison is a furious and mesmerising story about discovering magic, historical rage and love in all its guises.
€9.99 €10.80

Breaking News: How to Tell What's Real From What's Rubbish

Availability: Not Yet Available
A funny, practical and ever-so timely guide to the NEWS for 8-12-year-olds.
€11.00 €13.50

Dork Diaries: I Love Paris!

Availability: Not Yet Available
The fifteenth book in the bestselling Dork Diaries series brings Nikki and her friends to the city of Paris!
€13.99 €17.55

The Ministry of Unladylike Activity

Availability: Not Yet Available
The start of a thrilling new mystery series from the number-one-bestselling, award-winning author of Murder Most Unladylike.
€14.99 €17.55

The Shop of Impossible Ice Creams

Availability: Not Yet Available
Welcome to the Shop of Impossible Ice Creams! Step inside to discover a delicious world of magical adventure, from bestselling author Shane Hegarty. First in a comic, heart-warming illustrated series, for 7+ fans of The Nothing to See Here Hotel and Charlie Changes into a Chicken.