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CBI Book of the Year Winners

Author Kelly McCaughrain has won the CBI Book of the Year Award with Flying Tips for Flightless Birds at a ceremony held today at Smock Alley Theatre. Remarkably and for the first time in the twenty-nine years of the Children’s Books Ireland Book of the Year Awards, the same author has also won in two other categories, the Eilís Dillon Award for a first children’s book and the Children’s Choice Award. 

The Honour Award for Fiction went to Brian Conaghan for The Weight of a Thousand Feathers. The Honour Award for Illustration: Aga Grandowicz for Dr Hibernica Finch’s Compelling Compendium of Irish Animals. The Judges’ Special Award: Joanna Donnelly and Fuchsia MacAree for The Great Irish Weather Book. Congratulations to all from Dubray. 


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Dr Hibernica's Compelling Compendium of Irish Animals

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Animals from the air, land and sea are introduced to the reader by Dr Hibernica, an Irish professor who travels the country and knows everything there is to know about Irish wildlife. The spreads are presented in the style of her notebook and field notes, with jokes and sketches throughout.
€19.99 €23.00

Flying Tips for Flightless Birds

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€9.99 €10.80

The Great Irish Weather Book

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Contains everything you've ever wanted to know about the weather. Beautifully illustrated by Fuchsia MacAree, and containing lots of interesting facts and experiments, this is a book that every curious child will love.

The Weight of a Thousand Feathers

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