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Why Should Anyone be Led by You?

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Why Smart Kids Worry

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A one-of-a kind guidebook on how to help smart kids cope with anxiety Why Smart Kids Worry aims to be the book for parents of anxious children (ages 4-12). The first section of the book explains how smart kids think, why they're drawn to adult-level topics and how they become debilitated by anxiety.

Why Steve Was Late: 101 Exceptional Excuses for Terrible Timekeeping

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A new edition of the humour classic that's actually laugh-out-loud funny.

Why The Allies Won

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Why the Dutch are Different: A Journey into the Hidden Heart of the Netherlands

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The internationally bestselling portrait of a fascinating people. Why the Dutch are Different is a sideways history, an entertaining travelogue and the story of an Englishman who went Dutch... and loved it.

Why the F*ck Can't I Change?: Insights from a neuroscientist to show that you can

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Neuroscientist Gabija Toleikyte explores why we repeat our mistakes, and how we can form new patterns of behaviour to achieve meaningful change.

Why the Germans Do I Better

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Why the Rich are Getting Richer

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