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Consent: A Memoir

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The devastating and powerful memoir from a French publisher who was abused by a famous writer from the age of thirteen 'A gut-punch of a memoir with prose that cuts like a knife' Kate Elizabeth Russell, author of My Dark Vanessa

JFK: Volume 1: 1917-1956

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€18.99 €22.95

Surviving the Storms: Extraordinary Stories of Courage and Compassion at Sea

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'There's water in the engine,' he said. 'The engine has stopped.' This changed everything...
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Breathtaking: Life and Death in a Time of Contagion

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Everything I Know About Love

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The wildly funny Sunday Times bestseller about growing up and navigating all kinds of love along the way.

Homage to Catalonia

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More Than a Woman

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And, as always, WHO'S LOOKING AFTER THE CHILDREN?Now with ageing parents, teenage daughters, a bigger bum and a To-Do list without end, Caitlin Moran is back with More Than A Woman: a guide to growing older, a manifesto for change, and a celebration of all those middle-aged women who keep the world turning.
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Motherwell: A Girlhood

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The No.3 Sunday Times bestselling 'masterpiece' (Andrew O'Hagan)
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The Education of an Idealist

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Pulitzer-Prize winner Samantha Power is widely known as the moral voice of her generation. A relentless advocate for promoting human rights, she has been heralded by President Barack Obama as one of America's "foremost thinkers on foreign policy."