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Thinking on Paper: 2021

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Francis Bacon: Revelations

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Pulitzer Prize winning authors Mark Stevens and Annalyn Swan deliver an expertly written and fascinating biography of one of the most extraordinary artists of the twentieth century.


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Drag celebrates the fabulous current and historical influence of drag, and its talented and inspiring performers.

Morpho: Hands and Feet

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Be More Bonsai

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Tap to Tidy at Pickle Cottage: Crafting & Creating a Home with Love

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'This book is for you to use as a guide, as inspiration, or even just to read without any pressure to do anything at all! Grab a cuppa and dip in and out of it at leisure. I want you to know that you really do have the skill to do anything you want - don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Having your own home is something we all dream about. I hope this book will give you the confidence to pick up a drill, paint brush, hammer or a hack saw and make your space the home of your dreams.' Stace xx

The Irish Garden: A Cultural History

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A beautifully written celebration of the essence of the Irish Garden, new in paperback

N New Perspectives. Acquisitions 2011-2020

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Caravaggio: Complete Works

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Notorious bad boy of Italian painting, now considered one of the greatest influences in all of art history. This comprehensive catalogue raisonne reproduces all of Caravaggio's paintings as well as a number of dramatic details of his boundary-breaking realism. Five chapters assess Caravaggio's artistic daring, while a detailed chronology traces...


Availability: 10-12 Day Delivery
Anyone who visits Barcelona will come across the works of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926), the architect who has attracted art-lovers from all over the world to Spain. Gaudi created inspiring, visionary buildings and helped establish Barcelona (most notably with the still-unfinished Sagrada Familia cathedral) as a city of the world.