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Japanese Erotic Art: The Hidden World of Shunga

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Shows us the spectrum of sexual practice and expression, including nudity and clothing, voyeurism, gods, monsters and animals, orgasm, adultery and jealousy, and much else. This book highlights the symbols and motifs, often hidden in the background of the art, which are crucial for a proper understanding and appreciation of this genre.

The Artist's Joke

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This title traces the role humour plays in transforming the practice and experience of art, from the early twentieth-century avant-gardes, through Fluxus and Pop, to the diverse, often uncategorizable works of some of the most influential artist's today.

Art of Kung Fu Panda 2

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Po, the recently anointed Dragon Warrior, is living his dream as the champion of the Valley of Peace when an evil warlord threatens to destroy all of China. So Po and the Furious Five set out on an epic journey to save their country and kung fu.

Pattern Cutting

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An introduction to the basic principles of pattern cutting, this book shows students how to interpret the human form and look at clothing through the eyes of a designer rather than a consumer. While explaining the proportions of human anatomy, it introduces key tools and takes the reader from simple ideas to more advanced creative methods.

Avedon: Something Personal

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Richard Avedon was arguably the world's most famous photographer - as artistically influential as he was commercially successful. In Avedon: Something Personal - equal parts memoir, biography and oral history, including an intimate portrait of the legendary Avedon studio itself - Stevens and co-author Steven M.

Luxury Fashion: A Global History of Heritage Brands

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Complete Woodworking

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Tomboy Style is a visual tour that chronicles those women who blur the line between masculinity and femininity. Lively commentary illuminates the tom-boy's history and captures a diversity of women who are bound together by their effortless ability to blend a rugged sensibility with classic, understated ellegance.

In Comfort and Style

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The Los Angeles celebrity-home interior designer s first book reveals how to achieve laid-back luxury through her casual-yet-elegant decorating style, which mixes tailored, lived-in pieces with an airy, inviting spirit.

Hugh Lane

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