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Celebrate An Irish Masterpiece with Dubray

Each month we look back on our beloved classics by Irish authors; books that we cherished and shared. It's time now to take them down again, dust them off and enjoy them all over again.

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Amongst Women: Faber Modern Classics

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Features Moran an old Republican whose life was forever transformed by his days of glory as a guerilla leader in the War of Independence. Now, in old age, living out in the country, Moran is still fighting - with his family, his friends, even himself - in a poignant struggle to come to terms with the past.

Death of a Naturalist

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Featuring lyrical and descriptive powers, this book marked the auspicious debut of one of the century's finest poets.
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Reading in the Dark

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A novel in which the boy narrator grows up enclosed in two worlds. One is legendary - a Donegal house where children are stolen away by demonic forces; the other is actual - the city of Derry in the Northern Ireland of the 1940s and 1950s, a place haunted by political enmities and family secrets.