The Lost Letters of William Woolf

Binding: Hardback
Pages: 464
Pub Date: 12/07/2018
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
ISBN: 9780718189143
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Quick overview A Dubray Staff Recommended Read
Product description

Once in a while a book comes along that captures your heart, and this one charmed me from the first page. William Woolf works in the Dead Letters Depot, helping lost post get home to grateful recipients. His once-perfect love for his wife Claire has also gone astray, and when his work brings him a series of romantic letters addressed only to ‘My Great Love’, his life begins to change. An enchanting and bittersweet exploration of what love really means.

- Recommended by Maria Dickenson, Dubray Head Office

Lost letters have only one hope for survival . . .

Inside the Dead Letters Depot in East London, William Woolf is one of thirty letter detectives who spend their days solving mysteries: Missing postcodes, illegible handwriting, rain-smudged ink, lost address labels, torn packages, forgotten street names - they are all the culprits of missed birthdays, broken hearts, unheard confessions, pointless accusations, unpaid bills and unanswered prayers.

When William discovers letters addressed simplyto 'My Great Love' his work takes on new meaning. Written by a woman to a soulmate she hasn't met yet, the missives stir William in ways he didn't know were possible. Soon he begins to wonder: Could William be her great love?

William must follow the clues in Winter's letters to solve his most important mystery yet: the human heart.

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