The Inheritance of Solomon Farthing

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 528
Pub Date: 05/09/2019
Publisher: Picador
ISBN: 9781447293958
Availability: In Stock
Quick overview A Dubray Staff Recommended Read. An heir hunter in modern-day Edinburgh searches out the rightful inheritor to a dead man's fortune - an investigation that will lead him to the battlefields of WWI France, and the mystery of a six-man firing squad . . .
Product description

Solomon Farthing is an Heir Hunter who must dive into the past to discover the inheritor of one crumpled pawn ticket and fifty thousand pounds. Set in the past and the present, the story slowly unravels the secrets of Solomon’s grandfather’s regiment from the First World War. A wonderfully written tale with subtle reveals and fascinating characters to uncover. This is a novel that cleverly portrays the life of soldiers during the last week of the First World War.

- Eilis O’Sullivan, Dubray Blackrock

From The Times bestselling author of The Other Mrs Walker - Waterstones Scottish Book of the Year 2017 - comes Mary Paulson-Ellis's second stunning historical mystery, The Inheritance of Solomon Farthing.

Solomon knew that he had one advantage. A pawn ticket belonging to a dead man tucked into his top pocket - the only clue to the truth . . .

An old soldier dies alone in his Edinburgh nursing home. No known relatives, and no Will to enact. Just a pawn ticket found amongst his belongings, and fifty thousand pounds in used notes sewn into the lining of his burial suit . . .

Heir Hunter, Solomon Farthing - down on his luck, until, perhaps, now - is tipped off on this unexplained fortune. Armed with only the deceased's name and the crumpled pawn ticket, he must find the dead man's closest living relative if he is to get a cut of this much-needed cash.

But in trawling through the deceased's family tree, Solomon uncovers a mystery that goes back to 1918 and a group of eleven soldiers abandoned in a farmhouse billet in France in the weeks leading up to the armistice.

Set between contemporary Edinburgh and the final brutal days of the First World War as the soldiers await their orders, The Inheritance of Solomon Farthing shows us how the debts of the present can never be settled unless those of the past have been paid first . . .

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