Conor's Caveman: The Amazing Adventures of Ogg

Author: Alan Nolan
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 128
Pub Date: 07/09/2015
Publisher: O'Brien Press Ltd
ISBN: 9781847177322
Availability: In Stock
Quick overview A pre-hysterical new illustrated novel by the author of the smash-hit Fintan's Fifteen.
Product description

Life could be better for Conor Corcoran. Class bully Damian Deegan is always teasing him about being small and having no friends - when in fact Conor has the only friend he needs in Charlotte 'Charlie' Finch, the toughest girl in school. But when Conor and Charlie accidentally uncover a prehistoric man who was flash-frozen in a block of ice, life suddenly gets a bit too interesting! How long can Conor keep his huge, hairy (and rather smelly) new 'uncle' a secret from his mum, his teachers and a gang of ruthless scientists?

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