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Be part of the story – join us in reflecting what the Rising means to us with a choice of ground-breaking and informative books.


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A Pocket History of the 1916 Rising

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This book explains what happened in the years before and after the Rising, as well as providing an exciting day-by-day account of the events themselves, and biographies of the leading figures

A Star Called Henry

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A historical tale marking a new turn in Doyle's writing. Born in the slums of Dublin in 1902, his father a one-legged whorehouse bouncer, Henry Smart has to grow up fast. He eventually becomes a Fenian, a rebel, a republican legend - one of Michael Collins's boys, an assassin on a stolen bike.


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Rebels tells the exciting story of Easter 1916, a key date in the history of Irish Republicanism. The IRA always claim their authority comes from the martyred heroes of 1916. This book will enable the reader to judge finally whether this claim is true or not.

The Easter Rising 1916 - Molly's Diary

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On Easter Sunday 1916, twelve year-old Molly Darcy receives a diary for her birthday -just in time to record one of the most momentous week’s in Irish history.


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Tells the story of the defeats and triumphs of three Irish families. This book chronicles the terrible and beautiful drama of more than half a century.

1916 Irish Rebellion

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The 1916 Irish Rebellion is the companion book to a three-part documentary series to be broadcast worldwide in 2016. Narrated by Liam Neeson, the documentary, entitled "1916 The Irish Rebellion," and its related seventy-minute version are initiatives of the Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies at the University of Notre Dame.