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What We're Reading In Stillorgan

  • Sand

    Hugh Howey

    Paperback · 05 Jun 2014 · €18.50
    Our Price: €14.99

    Palmer has never been the same since his father walked out twelve years ago. His elder sister, Vic, is trying to run away from the past; his younger brothers, Connor and Rob, are risking their lives to embrace it. His mother, left with nothing but anger, is just trying to forget.

  • Vivid Faces

    Vivid Faces
    R F Foster

    Hardback · 02 Oct 2014 · €28.40

    A searing cultural history of the remarkable generation who transformed Ireland, this book surveys the lives and beliefs of the people who made the Irish Revolution: linked together by youth, radicalism, subversive activities, enthusiasm and love. It investigates that world, and the extraordinary people who occupied it.

  • Carsick

    John Waters

    Hardback · 16 Oct 2014 · €24.10

    John Waters is putting his life on the line. Armed with wit, a pencil-thin mustache, and a cardboard sign that reads 'I'm Not Psycho', he hitchhikes across America, braving lonely roads and treacherous drivers. But who should we be more worried about, the delicate film director or the unsuspecting travelers transporting the Pope of Trash?