Padre Pio Irish Encounters with the

Paperback, 23/09/2017, €15.00
Padre Pio, the man, his miracles, priestly life, loves and hates are described by Irish people who knew, met or witnessed him. What he was like, his holiness and sense of humour are featured. You will read about his stigmata, powers of bilocation, ability to read minds, his Masses and confessions in a way you have never experienced before.

Gold Collection

Paperback, 30/11/2017, €14.99

harbour within

Paperback, 21/09/2017, €12.15
An inspiring book of down-to-earth spirituality for anyone searching for a sense of peace in today's world

daily stoic

Paperback, 27/10/2016, €11.04

The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream

Paperback, 03/01/1998, €12.95
A global phenomenon, The Alchemist has been read and loved by over 62 million readers, topping bestseller lists in 74 countries worldwide. Now this magical fable is beautifully repackaged in an edition that lovers of Paulo Coelho will want to treasure forever.

Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself

Paperback, 03/10/2007, €18.95
Explores the question of who we are and arrives at the conclusion that our identity is to be found in our consciousness, the fact of our ability to observe ourselves and the world around us. The author shows how the development of consciousness can enable us all to dwell in the present moment.

Book of Joy

Hardback, 22/09/2016, €17.55
In April 2015, Archbishop Tutu travelled to the Dalai Lama's home in Dharamsala, India, to celebrate His Holiness' eightieth birthday. They looked back on their long lives to answer a single burning question: how do we find joy in the face of life's inevitable suffering? This book covers their meeting from the first embrace to the final goodbye.