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What We're Reading In Rathmines

  • I am Pilgrim

    I am Pilgrim
    Terry Hayes

    Paperback · 08 May 2014 · €11.35
    Our Price: €8.99

    Pilgrim is the codename for a man who doesn't exist. The adopted son of a wealthy American family, he once headed up a secret espionage unit for US intelligence. Before he disappeared into anonymous retirement, he wrote the definitive book on forensic criminal investigation. But that book will come back to haunt him.

  • The Crying of Lot 49

    The Crying of Lot 49
    Thomas Pynchon

    Paperback · 03 Jan 1998 · €12.80

    Oedipa Maas discovers that she has been made executrix of a former lover's estate. The performance of her duties sets her on a strange trail of detection, in which bizarre characters crowd in to help or confuse her. But gradually, death, drugs, madness and marriage combine to leave Oepida in isolation.