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Quick Reads

Quick Reads sets out to show that books and reading can be for everyone. Each year, big name authors write short books that are specifically designed to be easy to read. They are the same as mainstream books in every respect but are simply shorter and easier to tackle for adults who are less confident in their reading skills. The books are then sold through major retailers, online booksellers and are loaned from libraries.

  • Four Warned

    Four Warned
    Jeffrey Archer

    Paperback · 03 Feb 2014 · €1.45

    'Stylish, witty and constantly entertaining ... Jeffrey Archer has a natural aptitude for short stories' The Times

  • The Escape

    The Escape
    Lynda La Plante

    Paperback · 03 Feb 2014 · €1.45

    Is a change of identity all it takes to leave prison? Colin Burrows is desperate. Recently sent to prison for burglary, he knows that his four year sentence means that he will miss the birth of his first child. Bestselling author Lynda La Plante's tells a the tale of a daring escape from jail in this new novel for Quick Reads.