All Through the Night

Hardback, 01/09/2016, €16.99

The Plough and the Stars

Paperback, 23/07/2001, €12.75
This edition contains the full text of O'Casey's play; notes concerning difficult words and references; and an introduction covering the author's life, social and political events of the period, influences on the author, and the characters and themes of the play.

All My Sons

Paperback, 03/12/2009, €12.75
In Joe and Kate Keller's family garden, an apple tree - a memorial to their son Larry, lost in the Second World War - has been torn down by a storm. But his loss is not the only part of the family's past they can't put behind them.

Pocket Irish Poetry

Hardback, 06/02/2015, €4.99
This beautifully illustrated collection contains the greatest poems from the greatest Irish poets.

Windharp: Poems of Ireland Since 1916

Paperback, 02/06/2016, €14.20

Selected Poems 1968 2014

Hardback, €21.30

Faber & Faber Poetry Diary 2017

Hardback, 01/09/2016, €15.35
Includes the work of great poets from the past, selected and introduced by the contemporary poets they have inspired.

The Glass Menagerie

Paperback, 09/02/2009, €12.75
Abandoned by her husband, Amanda Wingfield comforts herself with recollections of her earlier, life in Blue Mountain when she was pursued by 'gentleman callers'. Her son Tom, a poet with a job in a warehouse, longs for adventure and escape from his mother's suffocating embrace, while Laura, her daughter, has her glass menagerie and her memories.

"A Doll's House"

Paperback, 19/08/2008, €15.60
The Student Edition of Ibsen's classic play, in Michael Meyer's definitive translation.

Quotable Wilde

09/04/2015, €8.50
This collection of Oscar Wilde's funniest quotations and sharpest observations is perfect for those who can resist everything except this talented Irish writer's humour and rapier wit.