Original Fiction

The Thirst

Paperback, 20/04/2017, €19.85
Under pressure from the media to find the murderer, the force know there's only one man for the job. But Harry Hole is reluctant to return to the place that almost took everything from him. Until he starts to suspect a connection between this killing and his one failed case.

The Girl Before

Paperback, 24/01/2017, €18.45
Enter the world of One Folgate Street and discover perfection ... but can you pay the price? For all fans of The Girl on the Train and Gone Girl comes this spellbinding Hitchcockian thriller which takes psychological suspense to the next level

Earthly Remains

Paperback, 06/04/2017, €19.85
The recuperative stay goes according to plan and Brunetti is finally able to relax, until Davide Casati, the caretaker of the house, goes missing following a sudden storm. Nobody can find him. Now, Brunetti feels compelled to investigate, to set aside his holiday and discover what happened to the man who had recently become his friend.

Since We Fell

Paperback, 16/05/2017, €18.45
The stunning new novel from one of the world's most critically-acclaimed and revered crime writers

Reinventing Susannah

Paperback, 26/04/2017, €14.99
A big bereavement. An empty nest. And a runaway husband.

Men Without Women: Stories

Hardback, 09/05/2017, €24.10
Across seven tales, the author brings his powers of observation to bear on the lives of men who, in their own ways, find themselves alone. He tells the stories of vanishing cats and smoky bars, lonely hearts and mysterious women, baseball and the Beatles.

Against All Odds

Paperback, 04/05/2017, €19.85

Married Quarters

Paperback, 04/05/2017, €19.85
A small, insignificant Irish border town in the early 1960s. The Sergeant is nervous. He has his men lined up for inspection in the day room of the Garda station. Chief Superintendent 'The Bully' Barry is on the warpath and any slip-ups will reflect badly on the Sergeant.


Paperback, 23/02/2017, €19.85

New Boy (Hogarth Shakespeare)

Paperback, 11/05/2017, €18.45
Arriving at his fourth school in six years, diplomat's son Osei Kokote knows he needs an ally if he is to survive his first day - so he's lucky to hit it off with Dee, the most popular girl in school. But one student can't stand to witness this budding relationship: Ian decides to destroy the friendship between the black boy and the golden girl.