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Booker Prize For The Luminaries

The Man Booker Prize for 2013 has been awarded to Eleanor Catton for The Luminaries. At 28, Catton is the youngest winner in the 45-year history of the Booker Prize, and The Luminaries is only her second novel. The novel richly evokes a mid-19th century world of shipping and banking, of gold rush boom and bust.


  • The Testament of Mary

    The Testament of Mary
    Colm Toibin

    Paperback · 04 Jul 2013 · €10.99

    For Mary, her son has been lost to the world, and now, living in exile and in fear, she tries to piece together the memories of the events that led to her son's brutal death. This story of the Virgin Mary tells the story of a cataclysmic event which led to an overpowering grief.

  • Harvest

    Jim Crace

    Paperback · 14 Feb 2013 · €19.30

    Timeless yet singular, mythical yet deeply personal, this novel is about one man and his unnamed village that speaks for a way of life lost for ever. It evokes the tragedy of land pillaged and communities scattered, as England's fields are irrevocably enclosed.

  • We Need New Names

    We Need New Names
    NoViolet Bulawayo

    Paperback · 06 Jun 2013 · €17.95

    Darling and her friends live in a shanty called Paradise, which of course is no such thing. It isn't all bad, though. They dream of the paradises of America, Dubai, Europe, where Madonna and Barack Obama and David Beckham live. For Darling, that dream will come true.

  • A Tale for the Time Being

    A Tale for the Time Being
    Ruth L Ozeki

    Paperback · 11 Mar 2013 · €11.99

    In a small cafe in Tokyo, sixteen-year-old Nao Yasutani is navigating the challenges thrown up by modern life. In the face of cyberbullying, the mysteries of a 104-year-old Buddhist nun and great-grandmother, and the joy and heartbreak of family, Nao is trying to find her own place - and voice - through a diary.