Natural History

Animal Crackers: Irish Pet Stories

20/06/2016, €14.99
Real-life stories from Ireland of pets and their owners.

Ladybird Book Of Sheds

29/10/2015, €9.95
Helps grown-ups with the world about them. With large clear script, the careful choice of words, the frequent repetition and the thoughtful matching of text with pictures all enable, this title enables grown-ups to think they have taught themselves to cope.

Penguin Lessons

Paperback, 16/06/2016, €11.35
Set against Argentina's turbulent years following the collapse of the corrupt Peronist regime, this is the story of Juan Salvador the penguin, rescued by Tom from an oil slick in Uruguay just days before a new term.

Nigel: My Family and Other Dogs

22/09/2016, €21.30
A lovely celebration of how dogs enrich our lives by the BBC Gardeners' World presenter.

Tide: The Science and Lore of the Greatest Force on Earth

02/06/2016, €18.45
Half of the world's population today lives in coastal regions lapped by tidal waters. In this title, the author explores the most feared and celebrated tides around the world, from the original maelstrom in Scandinavia and today's danger-zone in Venice to the 15-metre beasts in Canada.


03/03/2016, €12.75
Some people's lives are entirely their own creations. James Rebanks' isn't. The first son of a shepherd, who was the first son of a shepherd himself, he and his family have lived and worked in and around the Lake District for generations. Their way of life is ordered by the seasons and the work they demand, and has been for hundreds of years.

Long, Long Life of Trees

Hardback, 02/08/2016, €24.10
A lyrical tribute to the diversity of trees, their physical beauty, their special characteristics and uses, and their ever-evolving meanings

Feral: Rewilding the Land, Sea and Human Life

Paperback, 05/06/2014, €14.20
How many of us sometimes feel that we are scratching at the walls of this life, seeking to find our way into a wider space beyond? That our mild, polite existence sometimes seems to crush the breath out of us? This book deals with these questions.

Collins Complete Irish Wildlife

Paperback, 04/03/2010, €22.70
The essential photographic guide to Ireland's wildlife.

Hidden Life of Trees

Hardback, 13/09/2016, €24.10