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Irish Interest Bestsellers

  • A Pocket History of Ireland

    A Pocket History of Ireland
    Joseph McCullough

    Hardback · 26 Mar 2010 · €4.99

    From prehistoric times to the present day this comprehensive history presents the story of Ireland in bite-size chunks. With illustrations throughout this is an attractive and practical guide to Ireland's colourful history.

  • The Crocodile by the Door

    The Crocodile by the Door
    Selina Guinness

    Paperback · 02 May 2013 · €11.99

    When the author and her partner Colin, both young academics, moved in with her uncle Charles, an elderly bachelor, they had no idea what the coming years held for them: a crash course in farming, tense discussions with helicopter-borne property developers, and human tragedy. This title tells their story.

  • Isn't it Well for Ye?

    Isn't it Well for Ye?
    Colm O Regan

    Hardback · 25 Oct 2012 · €13.80
    Our Price: €10.99

    Explores the phenomenon of the Irish Mammy and what she might say about everything from the 'new mass' to the cardinal sin of not owning a cough bottle and the importance of airing clothes properly. Did you know, for instance, that Hamlet had an Irish Mammy? So if you're an Irish Mammy, this book can act as your guide.

  • Eat Yourself Well

    Eat Yourself Well
    Bernadette Bohan

    Paperback · 13 Dec 2013 · €16.99
    Our Price: €14.99

    When she was diagnosed with cancer for a second time, Bernadette Bohan took her health into her own hands, launching a one-woman health care regime that brought about her full recovery. Here she shares her programme for change that will bring about better health as well as her recipes for wellness.

  • Day by Day

    Day by Day
    Sister Stanislaus Kennedy

    Hardback · 24 Oct 2013 · €17.95
    Our Price: €13.99

    Offers words of wisdom that can inspire and comfort you on your journey through life. Thoughtful and reflective, this book draws upon some of the most enlightened figures from both the past and the present as it gently guides you through your day.

  • Flourishing

    Maureen Gaffney

    Paperback · 05 Jul 2012 · €11.99

    Shows that in an increasingly uncertain world it is not only possible for us to flourish but essential that we take steps to do so. This title shows you how to: achieve a deeper sense of well-being, meaning and purpose; use adversity as a positive turning point in your life; train your mind to pay attention; and, more.

  • Eliza Lynch

    Eliza Lynch
    Ronan Fanning

    Paperback · 17 Feb 2014 · €14.99

    Eliza Lynch: Queen of Paraguay is one of the most intriguing, and yet one of the least-known stories of modern history.

  • The Nation's Favourite Food

    The Nation's Favourite Food
    Neven Maguire

    Hardback · 18 Oct 2013 · €22.99
    Our Price: €19.99

    In The Nation's Favourite Food Neven Maguire has assembled his top 100 recipes. These are Neven's all-stars - the foolproof, tried and tested definitive versions of the dishes Ireland makes every day of the week.