Irish Interest Titles

The Times Great Irish Lives: Obituaries of Ireland's Finest

Paperback, 08/03/2018, €12.95
Discover the fascinating lives of the figures that have shaped Ireland from the early nineteenth century to the present day. Explore the rich history of the island's cultural, social and political landscape, with more than 100 obituaries carefully curated from The Times archive.

The Quotable Oscar Wilde: A Collection of Wit and Wisdom

Hardback, 21/03/2013, €5.40
"I must die as I lived, beyond my means." Arguably the most quoted man in history, and certainly in his day, this enormous miniature collection is filled with Oscar Wildes' most notorious and witty sayings. Organized into five sections, this book is suitable for Wilde lovers and novices alike.


Hardback, 05/02/2016, €5.00
The Irish famously have a way with words and this beautifully illustrated selection of the best of Irish wit and wisdom will amuse and entertain on any occasion.

Motherfocloir: Dispatches from A Not So Dead Language

Hardback, 07/09/2017, €13.50
A humorous investigation of the Irish language.

Colourful Irish Phrases

Hardback, 09/03/2018, €4.99
An intriguing collection of Irish-language expressions with their literal and figurative meanings, some familiar and some more obscure. Will be of interest to tourists, Irish-language novices and even fluent Gaeilgeoirs.

Little Book of Stillorgan

Hardback, 02/10/2017, €15.00
The Little Book of Stillorgan is a compendium of fascinating, obscure, strange and entertaining facts about this vibrant suburb of Dublin.

Irish Folk and Fairy Tales

Paperback, 01/08/2009, €10.00
A collection of retellings of the traditional stories of Ireland.

Fairy and Folk Tales of Ireland

Paperback, 27/10/2014, €7.00
The Book of Fairy and Folk Tales of Ireland compiled by W.B. Yeats from various sources, is bursting with tall tales of fairy folk and their ways.

Irish Leprechaun Stories

Hardback, 09/03/2018, €4.99
An attractive new edition containing ten stories that feature the mischievous figure known as the leprechaun.