Irish Interest - Childrens

Favourite Irish Legends for Children

Hardback, 10/09/2010, €9.99
A bumper collection of Ireland's favourite legends for children.

Pocket Irish Legends: 28 Classics to Delight and Entertain

Hardback, 07/02/2014, €4.99
Best-loved Irish legends for children.

How to Catch a Leprechaun

Hardback, 02/02/2016, €9.95
You've been planning night and day, and finally you've created the perfect trap! Now all you need to do is wait. Is this the year you'll finally catch the leprechaun? Parents and children will love starting a new St. Patrick's Day tradition with this engaging and entertaining book!

The Dublin Colouring Book

Paperback, 01/04/2017, €10.00

Irish Fairy Tales

Paperback, 05/05/2001, €3.00
The Celtic roots of Irish folklore are enriched with Nordic legend and colour. Here gathered in this collection are tales of giants and warriors, of old hags and fair maidens, and of the boyhood of the great hero Fionn Mac Uail (Finn MacCool).

Best-loved Irish Legends: Mini Edition

Hardback, 07/03/2011, €4.99
Stories from long, long ago, part of an ancient oral tradition, handed down from generation to generation and written down by the Christian monks of medieval Ireland. In a handy pocket format.

Kapheus Earth

Paperback, 01/12/2014, €10.00

Horrible Histories Gruesome Guides: Dublin

Paperback, 06/04/2017, €8.50
HORRIBLE HISTORIES GRUESOME GUIDES: DUBLIN takes his readers on a gore-tastic tour of the streets of Dublin, exposing all of its most scurrilous secrets. Tourists can plot their path to the past - picnic with pirates at St Stephen's Green, creep around the cruel cathedrals and then head to dreadful Dublin castle.