Irish History

Ireland: the Autobiography

Hardback, 01/09/2016, €28.40
Offering a vivid take on the last century of Irish life, this book takes us through a collection of eyewitness accounts and recollections.

A Pocket History of Ireland

Hardback, 26/03/2010, €4.99
From prehistoric times to the present day this comprehensive history presents the story of Ireland in bite-size chunks. With illustrations throughout this is an attractive and practical guide to Ireland's colourful history.

A Pocket History of the 1916 Rising

Hardback, 16/12/2015, €4.99
This book explains what happened in the years before and after the Rising, as well as providing an exciting day-by-day account of the events themselves, and biographies of the leading figures

Doctor's Sword

29/07/2016, €22.99
A Doctor's Sword is the story of the incredible life of Aidan MacCarthy, an Irish doctor who survived Dunkirk, Japanese POW camps and the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki. It is a story of survival, forgiveness and humanity at its most admirable.

1916: The Mornings After

Paperback, 08/09/2016, €12.75
The story of the traumatic aftermath of Ireland's Easter Rising of 1916, and of the emergence of two Irish states - one green, one orange - from the embers of bloody conflict.

Old Ways, Old Secrets: Pagan Ireland: Myth * Landscape * Tradition

Hardback, 02/06/2015, €16.99
Today's Ireland has never lost the link with its pagan past, never forgotten the old ways. This book reveals the hidden world of pagan Ireland, showing it still exists among the people and in the landscape where it belongs.

Bitter Freedom

Paperback, 01/09/2016, €14.20
The Irish Revolution - the war between the British authorities and IRA - was the first successful revolt anywhere against the British Empire. This narrative places events in Ireland in the wider context of a world in turmoil after the ending of a global war: one that saw the collapse of empires and the rise of fascist Italy and communist Russia.

Fall of the House of Wilde

Hardback, 02/06/2016, €21.30