Irish Fiction


06/10/2016, €19.85
DUBRAY STAFF RECOMMENDED READ A small Irish town is the setting for a dark discovery that threatens to bring to light the long held secrets of its inhabitants.

Lying in Wait

Hardback, 14/07/2016, €18.45
DUBRAY STAFF RECOMMENDED READ. The last people who expect to be mixing with a drug-addicted prostitute are a respected judge and his society maven wife. And they certainly don't plan to kill her and bury her in their exquisite suburban garden. Yet Andrew and Lydia Fitzsimons find themselves in this unfortunate situation.

Days without End

20/10/2016, €19.85
After signing up for the US army in the 1850s, aged barely seventeen, Thomas McNulty and his brother-in-arms, John Cole, go on to fight in the Indian wars and, ultimately, the Civil War. Having fled terrible hardships they find these days to be vivid and filled with wonder, despite the horrors they both see and are complicit in.

Solar Bones

Paperback, 05/05/2016, €15.00
DUBRAY STAFF RECOMMENDED READ McCormack is a uniquely talented author, with a voice that is entirely his own. Solar Bones proves to be a complex yet absorbing examination of the post-Celtic Tiger period

The Wonder

Dubray Staff Recommended Read. The new novel from the author of 'Room'.

All We Shall Know

22/09/2016, €18.45
Melody Shee is alone and in trouble. Her husband doesn't take her news too well. She doesn't want to tell her father yet. What she did to Breedie Flynn all those years ago still haunts her. It's a good thing that she meets Mary Crothery when she does. Mary is a young Traveller woman, and she knows more about Melody than she lets on.

Rebel Sisters

06/10/2016, €12.75

Thirteen Ways of Looking

Paperback, 22/09/2016, €12.75

The Lesser Bohemians

01/09/2016, €19.85
DUBRAY STAFF RECOMMENDED READ. One night in London an eighteen year old girl, recently arrived from Ireland to study drama, meets an older actor and a tumultuous relationship ensues. Set across the bedsits and squats of mid-nineties north London, this novel tells story about love and innocence, joy and discovery, the grip of the past and the struggle to be new again.

Lying in Wait

Paperback, 05/01/2017, €11.35