Irish Current Affairs


Hardback, 04/05/2017, €19.95

Citizen Quinn

Paperback, 29/05/2014, €12.75
A few years ago, Sean Quinn was ranked among the two hundred richest people in the world, with a personal fortune of some $6 billion. Today he is bust, and his businesses have been taken from him. How did it all happen?

Inside the Monkey House: My Time as an Irish Prison Officer

Paperback, 18/04/2017, €12.99
When John Cuffe entered Mountjoy as a young prison officer in May 1978, he stepped back into Victorian times. He knew nothing about jails, apart from what he had seen in black-and-white films on RTE: 'good' sheriffs and 'bad' hombres. Here, he reveals the raw truth of thirty tough years on the inside. Join him on a vivid, eye-opening journey .

Crossing the Threshold

Paperback, 22/05/2017, €24.99

Who Really Runs Ireland?: The Story of the Elite Who Led Ireland from Bust to Boom ... and Back Again

Paperback, 06/05/2010, €12.75
Identifies some the most powerful people in Ireland during the Celtic Tiger era, describes how they interacted with each other to mutual benefit, and reveals who are the few to retain their power amid the debris arising from the bursting of our economic bubble.

Death in December: The Story of Sophie Toscan Du Plantier

Paperback, 01/09/2004, €12.99
Death in December is the fascinating and compelling story of how an independent and beautiful woman sought peace and sanctuary and instead found violence and the ultimate terror.

Hell at the Gates: Behind the Scences of Ireland's Financial Downfall

Paperback, 14/10/2016, €16.99
The ultimate behind-the-scenes account of Ireland's biggest news story of recent years.