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Not Bad for a Bad Lad
by Michael Morpurgo, M.B.E. Michael Foreman

RRP €8.50

Not Bad for a Bad Lad
by Author Name Michael Morpurgo, M.B.E., Michael Foreman

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List Price:8.50
Format: Paperback, 197 x 130mm, 92pp
Publication date: 01 Feb 2012
Publisher: Templar Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781848773202


When a young boy gets a reputation for being naughty at school, he reacts by being the bad lad that everyone expects. Leaving school at fourteen, he becomes a thief and eventually ends up in Hollesley Prison. But Mr Alfie, the stable manager, decides to give the boy a chance, letting him look after the horses. It turns out that his skill with horses saves him from a life of crime: on leaving prison, he manages to get a job working with horses in the army, and eventually achieves his dream of becoming a drum major.


"A classic collaboration and a tale of redemption" The Bookseller "Morpurgo and Foreman weave an inspiring tale about what happens when someone is shown how to follow their dreams" Young Writer "Warm, thoughtful and beautifully illustrated" ReadingZone

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