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In the Days of the Comet
by H. G. Wells

RRP €19.90

In the Days of the Comet
by Author Name H. G. Wells

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List Price:19.90
Format: Paperback, 198 x 126 x 22mm, 300pp
Publication date: 27 Nov 2008
Publisher: Faber Finds
ISBN-13: 9780571247172


Revenge was all Leadford could think of as he set out to find the unfaithful Nettie and her adulterous lover. But this was all to change when a new comet entered the earth's orbit and totally reversed the natural order of things. The Great Change had occurred and any previous emotions, thoughts, ambitions, hopes and fears had all been removed. Free love, pacifism and equality were now the name of the game. But how will Leadford fare in this most utopian of societies...? H. G. Wells was responsible for an entirely new genre of writing. It was his bold, daring and hugely innovative books that first introduced readers to the concept of time travel, invisibility, genetic experimentation and interstellar invasion - ideas that have gone on to inspire future generations and given rise to the entire science fiction industry.

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  • Illustrations: black & white illustrations